Develop a Wealth Mentality To Attract Helpful Teammate

You and I were put here on the planet to serve one another

I once had a statement on money from Bob Proctor and it went like this; Money is in consciousness and it must be earned. I then said “thank you Bob” went on with my daily life. Then later I thought, “hang on, what does it mean money is in consciousness?”

I set out for a search. I have come to learn from him that it is your own consciousness that ultimately determines your results. The accumulation of wealth could bring with it the potential to distort our personality and rob us of our life. A balance of wisdom is an absolute must since money is a good servant but a bad master.

Bob reiterate my previous thought that is in our home page, that money is not taught in our school systems anywhere in the world even though money is a medium of exchange which is accepted and used worldwide. Why should we teach earning money as a subject in school? Everyone already understands how to earn money, many will argue.

Bob puts a sad truth; that 97 out of every hundred people that are born, they live and die without ever learning how to earn money. That ignorance with respect to money is passed along from one generation to the next.

Your Consciousness Determines your Results
Your Consciousness Determines your Results

How can we learn to earn money? Is it necessary anyway? Is it difficult? What is the cause of wealth? The flip side of that is; what is the cause of poverty?

To quote George Bernard Shaw who said; it is the duty of every person to be rich and it is a sin to be poor. These two statements seem controversial. At the very least debateable. Please don’t take this statements negatively like most people do, rather let’s ponder and analyse them based on George Bernard Shaw’s background. Born in Ireland in 1857, he lived most of his life in England after moving there in his 20s. A successful dramatist and music critic who won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1925, it is obvious to say George must have been doing well.

During his times, the subject of women’s rights was radical yet he gave it more attention. He attempted to bring about political and economic change through his plays. The radical state of the subject matter in his plays made it difficult for them to gain acceptance. To fully understand what Shaw was saying one must first have an open mind, must remain objective and most importantly must require some understanding of the basic natural laws of the universe.

One of the basic laws you must understand is the law which states everything is moving. You are either moving ahead in life or you’re going backwards, it’s grow or die. Create or disintegrate. You’re becoming richer or poorer.

The second is the law of sowing and reaping or cause-and-effect. This law is constantly at work however understanding it is vitally important. The thoughts feelings and actions that you express in life are the seeds that you sow. The conditions, circumstance and things that come into your life is the harvest you reap as a result of the seeds that you sow. Violating the law is a sin and the price of sin is never desirable. When you attempt to get without giving you’re trying to reap the harvest without sowing the seeds. It will not work, it’ll take you backwards.

Money on the other hand, is a reward you receive for the service you render. The more valuable the service the greater the reward. Attempting to get money without providing service is a violation of the law. You and I were put here on the planet to serve one another. Thinking of ways we can be of greater service will enable us to grow intellectually and richly. It is our duty to serve and money is reward we receive for that service.

So the statements “it is the duty of every person to be rich” and “it is a sin to be poor” are meant to provoke people into thinking.

To quote the bible, Matthew 13:12; to him who has, shall be given and he shall have abundance but from him who does not have, even that which he has shall be taken away.

Luke 8:18 Therefore consider carefully how you listen. Whoever has will be given more; whoever does not have, even what they think they have will be taken from them.”

If your view of abundance is something that is being doled out or portioned, the Matthew statements will appear very unfair. However if you view abundance as something one attracts the whole scenario changes. The prosperous person will be thinking prosperous thoughts and attracting more of the same. While the poor person will be thinking thoughts of lack and limitation. By law the poor person will attract more of the same. The emphasis from both Shaw and Matthew therefore, is the importance of our own responsibility in the quest for abundance. Abundance is something we magnetize ourselves to. We draw it into our life. Abundance in every aspect of our life; business associates and friends. Everything we want will come into our life by law not luck. You are either attracting or repelling good. It is your own consciousness that ultimately determines your results.

Spirit awaits direction from the soul.

This statement contains the secret to everything you could ever want. It becomes obvious when you consider that you do not have a soul, you are a soul. As stated earlier, money is in consciousness and it must be earned. That is a statement you must understand if you truly desire to attract money in your life. There is a season for slowing and there is a season for reaping. Never do both in the same season.

Bob made a profound statement to make me understand the point here. He said “The paper you fold and place in your purse or pocket is not money. It is paper with ink on it. It represents money but it is not money. Money is an idea. Earning of money has nothing to do with this paper stuff it has to do with consciousness.” Earning by manipulate markets and people has no spiritual strength. Without spiritual strength there is no lasting happiness. No real wealth. Money in abundance should only represent a part of your abundance. We need abundance in all areas of our life.

Understand and following the laws for sawing which will reap an abundant harvest in all areas of your life. There are laws governing physical health. Violate those laws you lose. You lose your health. By the same token, there are laws governing the earning of money. Wealthy people are aware that money is a medium of exchange and they treated as such. They respected it and feel very comfortable with money. They keep money in its proper place. They remain the master and money remains the servant. When wealthy people experience a financial problem in their life, which is not uncommon they possess the wisdom to focus on the cause of the problem. Make a mental corrections required and proceed.

Wealthy people have more financial problems than poor people will ever dream of having. How could a poor person have money problems? They really have any money! Money is not a poor person’s problem. Lack of money is there a problem.

To solve a problem you must attack the cause of the problem. The cause of poverty is poverty consciousness. The poverty consciousness causes a person to see, hear, smell, think and feel lack and limitation. A conversations of individuals with poverty consciousness is chock-full with lack, limitation and tough times. That is all they talk about because that is all they think about because they have a poverty consciousness. Their thoughts feelings and actions are the seeds they are sowing. As you sow, so shall you reap. Their harvest is one of lack and poverty. That harvest is the results in their life expressed in their physical health, their bank account and their social life.

These poor souls see with their physical eyes their physical problems. The results control them. They keep planting the same seeds and keep reaping the same harvest year after year. Soon they accept this as their lot in life. Then they think, why should I expect more? With the knowledge and evidences of poverty surrounding them, it now becomes “it’s not our fault, it is the government’s fault or religion’s or it’s the fault of my background. They pass the responsibility to someone else.

The wealthy people has a prosperity consciousness. They understand there is an infinite source of supply. They are acutely aware of the fact that if they are experiencing a problem with their harvest or there is not sufficient or more than enough harvest to meet all their needs they are the cause of the problem. They take responsibility for their experiences. They loathe lack and limitation. They demand the abundant good life as their birth-right. Blame is not part of their way of life. They don’t talk about lack because their prosperity consciousness will not permit it. They are consciously aware that talking about lack is sowing seeds for more of the same. They immediately begin to brainstorm with other prosperity conscious individuals. To them as Mike Todd said being broke is a temporary situation, being poor is a mental condition.

Wealthy people may lose large portion of their wealth through a series of mistakes in judgment but that does not make them poor. They will have it all back in a short time because of their prosperity consciousness. Poor people have won lotteries and in a short time they have nothing left. Money cannot stay with the person who has a poverty consciousness and by the same law money cannot stay away from the person who possessed a prosperity consciousness.

How do I create a higher prosperity consciousness? Bob teaches to begin by preparing a powerful, positive and emotional affirmation. This is depositing a creative energy in the treasury of your subconscious mind. By repeating this process daily, over and over and over again, it will begin to mentally move you in the direction you want to go. Write it out, read it, feel it and let it take hold of your mind.

To take this process to another level, Bob asks; how much money do you want. Remembering the statement ‘spirit awaits direction from the soul’, the answer has got to be specific. Spirit require specific instructions. Saying I want more is not good enough. How much more is more? Decide on a figure. To assist in us with this skill of what we want, Bob has laid quality instructions in chapter 2 of his book ‘You Were Born Rich’, entitled how much is enough. We must be specific here. You should have the amount of money you need to provide the things you want to live the way you choose to live whether you are working or not.

You will not seriously want more money than you are capable of earning but you must earn it. Bob gives us a formula to use to become financially independent. FG + E= I

  • FG stands for financial goals
  • E stands for expenses
  • I stands for income

To arrive to the answers to some of these questions will take time. The answer to this formula has a very positive impact to your life. The process of doing this activity most certainly deserves whatever time it takes. There are only two ways to earn money; one is people work and the other is money work. Financial independence means I want to have enough money working for me to provide the income I will require to live the way I choose to live.

Your Financial Goals (FG) establishes how much money you want to have in one, five or 10 years. There are only two ways to earn money one is people work and the other is money work. Both should be used if you want to be financially independent. You must be saying to yourself “I want to have enough money working for me to provide the income I will require to live the way I choose to live. The amount of money you earn is not the most important consideration. The individuals who live the most fulfilled lives, are those who have a very difficult time differentiating between work and pleasure. That is the key factor in living the abundant life.

The income you earn in your present position may be small but your overall income could be substantial. You don’t have to quit your present job. It indicate that you would have to have more than one source of income. Bob tells us wealthy people have MSI. A term which means Multiple Sources of Income. It’s possible to have 100 sources of income or 500 if you want. You can even hire people to manage them. Please note, multiple sources of income does not mean multiple jobs. That concept may leads to an early grave. The idea that you must work harder and longer hours to earn more money is a myth and a concept believed and perpetuated by people who are generally very tired and without money. Understand that most of the really wealthy people do not work very hard. They generally love what they do and have income coming to them from many sources.

So, how much money do you and I want to earn. Once you have determined how much money you want to earn, write it down. Remind yourself over and over again; that amount of money is an effect. It represents a reward I want to receive. What service can I render that would be deserving of that reward. You can take the total figure and divided into multiple parts. Each part would represent a source of income. Each source of income represents a separate reward that you would receive for service you would render. Work on one at a time each becoming an exciting part of your life. You now have different ways of serving others.

Remember that money is a reward we received for service we rendered to others. When you understand this basic law, you will know that the only time you must think about money is when you are deciding how much you want. From that point on your entire focus intellectually, emotionally, and physically must be directed towards providing service. Think of how you can do whatever you are doing more effectively to improve on the quality and the quantity of service that you are rendering. Think of how you can serve and help more people in your area of service in a greater way. Remember money is the ultimate servant.

With money you can provide service in many places at the same time. The more money you earn, the more you can help others. Remember poor people have a poverty consciousness, wealthy people have a prosperity consciousness. A poverty consciousness will cause you to think and experience a lack of money. Prosperity consciousness will bring you great wealth. Develop a prosperity consciousness as instructed above that is by deciding exactly how much money you want, break it into parts, then forget the money and give all of your attention to providing service. The money must come. The law of sowing and reaping was the law of laws (Ralph Waldo Emerson). Find out what other people want and help them get it. Keep repeating your affirmations until you become comfortable with money. A prosperity consciousness will attract to you on abundance and abundance is your birth-right.


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