How To Stay Motivated

  1. Get enough sleep

Sleep is necessary to enable us function productively and effectively. Because your willpower needs fresh mind and body to manifest outwardly, a good night sleep is essential. Willpower is strong enough but the mind and the body needs to be refreshed. A good night’s sleep is important to help us recharge failure to which we become irritable, groggy and exceptionally lazy.

Your willpower needs fresh mind and body to manifest outwardly
  1. Get Started

Have a goal and start working towards it. Just do it. Waiting for the perfect time is an ingredient of procrastination and fertile ground for doubt to grow. Start a task to avoid the Zeigarnik Effect. That nagging feeling of remembering uncompleted or interrupted tasks. Although it is always good to have a plan through which you work towards your goal, starting a task means you are more likely to finish it.

Another great benefit of getting started, is that we tend to stay focused on the goal or the result. Mind, this greatest navigational tool, will concentrates on the dominant thought.

Waiting for the perfect time is an ingredient of procrastination
  1. Surround yourself with people who motivate you

Be in the company of people who can really help you. Peer pressure is not always bad if it is coming from quality people. Quality people meaning those that are encouraging, challenging and conscientious.

There is a great line that says that we are an average of 5 people that we surround ourselves with. We become a product of our environment.

  1. Take breaks

This is known as the Pomodoro Technique where instead of working for a straight 2 hours, you focus for only 25 minutes with a scheduled break after. This enhances mental agility. You can also set a deadline and mark it clearly in your calendar and this increases your chances of completing the task. Task completion in itself is a great motivational factor.

So it’s not the hours you put in but it’s what you put in the hour.

  1. Eat Right

Your body converts food into glucose to provide energy needed by the brain to stay alert. Not all foods are metabolized equally. Foods high in sugar release glucose quickly giving a rush of energy to the body which slams off. Meanwhile, those foods rich in fat like a burger, give sustained energy that is also a lot of work on the stomach thus decreasing oxygen in your brain hence you feel very tired.

Foods high in Protein and fiber are equipped with two of the building blocks of boosting your metabolism. Example beans, eggs, avocado, berries etcetera.

  1. Turn your goal into a habit and be focused

Have a specific goal and break it into incremental steps over time. Over time means it should become a habit.  Ones it becomes a habit, it will be hard to break. So, choose good habits.

Take practical approach to achieving your goals, otherwise you’ll start doubting yourself. Doubt kill motivation.

Furthermore, having big enough reasons backing a goal is a major factor in staying motivated. Provided you are making progress and your reason is compelling enough, you will remain motivated.

  1. Break your day into specific tasks

Break your day into specific tasks instead of multi-tasking. This way your brain will focus on a specific task and you will accomplish more. Browsing through many ideas, apps, window etcetera, lowers your focus and makes your mind fatigued. The more exhausted your mind is the less effective it becomes. So you tend to make weak decisions and produce weak ideas.

If you successfully complete small tasks in a day, you have a successful day. If you have seven successful days, you have a successful week, then months and eventually year. Have many of those years and your life will be a success. Successfully completing tasks will keep you motivated provided those tasks are important to your overall purpose.

  1. Start on a Monday

Research shows that we are likely to follow through with our goals if we start on a Monday. Start a new week with a new meaning and purpose.

  1. Have an accountability chart

Create an accountability chart to monitor your progress where you write the time spent in one column and on the other, activities accomplished in that time. This will help you realistically evaluate your work and avoid small mindless work.


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