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10 Side Jobs That Pay Good Money

If you want to keep your career for now but still make an extra income, there are quite a few great options out there these days. These are:


  1. Selling T-shirts online

Making Tshirts is not as hard as it used to be. At the same time, it is not time consuming as before. You can get a unique design, create the design logo then upload and sell. If you want to buy it you can. The design will be original so it sells well. You can get help from Teespring.

  1. Drive with Uber or Lyft

Driving with a service like this allows you to have flexible hours and good pay of around $20-30 per hour. All you need is a clean background and a decent four-door vehicle. Uber has the biggest client pool while Lyft offers a better referral program.

  1. Sell things in video games

You can start businesses within virtual video games and exchange the in-game money you earn for real-world currency. Virtual real estate has potential. A good example of one top game is Second Life where you can make good money in a virtual world.

  1. Amazon Flex

At Amazon Flex you deliver packages instead of people so if you are not a people person, it is more suitable for you than Uber.

  1. Freelance your skills

You could sell services related to writing, graphic design, marketing and much more just by having a computer. Employees are expensive and a hassle so many people prefer hiring freelancers by the job. For easy set-up process and sale of cheaper gigs try Fiverr. For the sale of more complicated gigs at higher prices, try UpWork.

  1. Tutor people

Tutoring is extremely helpful to students so it can be a very rewarding side gig to take up. If you are good at a particular subject like Algebra, Physics or something else, try helping others learn it a Skype-like format. Get assistance from to learn more.

  1. Sell photos

Nowadays an amateur photographer could make as much money as a professional one with the amounts of websites as well as apps available for stock images. Foap is a free app that helps you sell images directly from your phone. For a bigger and more professional platform to sell your images try Shutterstock.

  1. AirBnB

AirBnB allows you to make extra money by allowing people to stay at your home for a vacation or by giving them tours or other fun experiences. Many people are just sick of the old hotel rooms. Check out AirBnB if you want to potentially let people take vacations at your home or if you want to give tours.

  1. Sell digital products

Digital products are low maintenance and very profitable. You could sell software, courses, apps, ebooks etc. You better start out with an info product though before doing something more complicated like software or apps. Udemy will let you make pretty good money from selling online courses that teach something. Kindle direct publishing will let you make money from selling books on Amazon.

  1. Turo

Turo allows you earn money by lending your car to people for a day or two. It’s kind of like the AirBnB of cars where you cut out the rental company as the middle man for peer- to- peer alternative. You can make money from Turo if you have a vehicle that isn’t used every day.



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