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Mum with children? Find out how you can benefit from a home business!

There are many home Business ideas for stay-at-home Mums

Being a working mum might not exactly be a piece of cake. It is tough to juggle your personal life with your professional commitments, and at times, it might also hurt a little, particularly if your kids are very young! It is really sad to leave your lovely child for many hours every day while you are away working!

In other cases, you might be a stay-at-home mum, but you might also be looking for ways to bring more money into the family…

Whether you are tired of leaving your family behind to work or you want to start something, without neglecting your kids, a home business might just be the solution you need. There are many amazing perks that come with starting a home business: here are a few of these amazing benefits!

Earn money, without leaving your home

With a home business, you don’t need to go to an office in order to get things done! You can do work from home, meaning that you can stay with your family as much as you need!

More flexibility

Many home businesses involve freelance work or other consulting services, which will give you more flexible hours, since you can work on your own time as long as you get things done! You can essentially choose to work as much, or as little as you need.


Income generation opportunities can come in the form of

You can generate income through blogging by way of affiliate marketing and advertising on your website. You can also get in touch with companies who ask you to review and blog about their products.

You will need to be creative to bring traffic to your website through social media, search engine optimization and by getting involved in the wider networks.

Baking or making Food

This is a highly regulated area but hey, nothing is impossible. Before you start a home-based food business you will need to understand the rules and regulations that govern the production of food for public consumption in a home environment.

Online Store

Platforms like eBay, Etsy or Amazon open to people who want to sell on the internet. They require low capital and their systems are well organized and effective to allow for one person to serve many customers. When you setup an account, you can take the option where fulfilment services can be done for you. Definitely a great home business idea.

Virtual Assistant

Here you can provide a wide variety of “virtual” services to other businesses including administrative, marketing and technical support from a home office. You could do VA work where you answer calls and manage calendar for busy self-employed technicians.

Child Day Care

This is another regulated business and you’ll need to ensure you comply with state and local regulations.

Many working mums would prefer a home environment to a nursery. You can start a business where you care for other peoples’ children in your home and this can be a potentially lucrative and long-lasting business opportunity.


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